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Playing in Burnaby During Covid-19


As the outdoor  pickleball courts open in Burnaby, it is important to be aware that there are Court Rules posted on all courts by Burnaby Parks and Recreation. Municipalities differ in the way they are opening up the courts so be aware of the differences .


At this time Burnaby has posted signage that does not restrict singles or doubles play. Players can play either singles or doubles as long as social distancing is observed.  Displayed on this page is the most recent sign that Burnaby is putting up on all the Outdoor Courts.


Here is a link to the Burnaby Covid -19 Outdoor Court Protocols and Guidelines

Please note that the website says that players must bring their own net but all the temporary nets are still in the lock boxes and anecdotally it seems players can use them.

Pickleball BC also has recommendations as outdoor play begins.


The following is adapted  from the PBC outdoor club recommendations for drop-in courts


1. Social distancing

- Try to arrange your play prior to coming to the courts.

- Limit your play to groups of 8 or less to keep your “bubble” of contacts manageable

- Do not arrive early or linger after play

- No large groups of players assembling off courts


2. Cleanliness

- Avoid touching your face until you have washed/sanitized your hands

- No sharing of equipment

- Avoid touching surfaces where possible

- Sanitize/clean hands after your game

- If a ball travels into the court next door, kick it back

- Clean ball after the game

- No paddle taps after the game

- Do not come to the courts if you are sick


3. Management

- Burnaby does not have an official club to manage  the courts . We need to individually ensure players stay safe

- Being aware of and adhering to the Protocols and Guidelines could mean that play may be opened up sooner

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