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Playtime Scheduler


So many of you have been asking how and where to meet up with other pickleball players who want to play outdoors, how to meet other players of a similar skill level, where to play in Burnaby.

PLEASE NOTE: this does not mean that you are booking your courts, you are only arranging to meet with other players at a certain site and a certain time.


Click on the link:


This will take you to the Burnaby scheduling site. Once you get to the site, select  Schedule pickleball games and log on. All you need is your email and a password to register.

If you are interested in playing at a specific park  and/or on a particular date and time and/or interested in a particular skill level to play with – just set up a place and time  by selecting "Add Session" – complete the information and you are done.

As players register on the site, you will get more views/ responses to your session. 


There is more information on the site if you have further questions.


If you want, as an individual organizer you can upgrade the function for your sessions. There is a cost to do this however.


If you organize a session for a specific time and place, this only helps to organize a place and time – this does not mean that you are booking your courts.

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