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Outdoor Venues

Lou Moro Park Courts (Westridge)

- north of Hastings on Cliff Avenue

Robert Burnaby Park Courts

- 16th Ave. north on 1st St. east on Wedgewood Ave. north on Hill St.

Confederation Park Courts

- north of Hastings on Willingdon, right turn on Penzance

Burnaby Heights Park Courts

- north of Hastings on Esmond Avenue to Trinity St.

Keswick Park Courts

- intersection of Cardston Court and Government St.

Edmonds Park Courts

- back of Edmonds Community Centre near Elwell Ave.

Bonsor Park Courts

- near Nelson and Bennett by the Bonsor Recreation Complex, Burnaby, BC, Canada

Cariboo Lacrosse Courts

- near Cariboo Hill High School along 16th Avenue Burnaby, BC, Canada

Forest Grove Courts

- just west of Forest Grove Elementary School on Forest Grove Drive, Burnaby, BC, Canada

Riverway Sports Box

- 8605 Nelson Avenue near the intersection of Nelson Avenue and Marine Way

Squint Lake Courts

- along the Burnaby Mountain Golf Course entrance road on the left side just before the golf course parking lot.

Confederation Park Sports Box

- adjacent to the Confederation Park track. Park in the lot just off Penzance Drive.

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